Build Your World: Financial Health


Money and finances can be overwhelming. Without having a healthy money mindset, you can get yourself into some sticky situations. The Build Your World: Financial Health course designed by professional financial coach Indre Butkeviciute will help you re-work your relationship with money to grow your financial health.


Find your money mind

The Financial Health course will explore the ways in which you can find your money mind and is full of detailed resources.

The course includes:

  • A detailed and vibrant PDF document Grow Your Wealth which takes you on a journey from mind set, fun exercises, various practical applications of ways to grow your financial health, lots of examples and much more.
  • An explanatory video by Indre.
  • Income & Expenses Excel spreadsheet.
  • Income Goals Excel spreadsheet.
  • Additional Financial Growth Mindset and Task Sheet Exercises.
  • Meaningful Paths video meditation.

You will also be given access to the Build Your World Tool Belt with dozens of exercises to help you build the life you want for well-being, resilience, meaning, and much more. Please note after you have purchased this course you will have separate access to the Build Your World Tool Belt under ‘My Online Courses.’


Transform your relationship with money

If you need help transforming your relationship with money to save, spend and invest better – this course is perfect for you.

Because the course is online, it’s easy to access so you can learn whenever is most convenient for you with our easy to understand resources. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the course before or during it, you are welcome to contact us on


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