Growth can come in many forms – whether spiritual, personal, mental or financial. There’s no set path for growth, our lives are all very different and it can be measured in many different ways. In this section of the Meaningful Paths blog, we will be sharing a range of growth oriented activities, stories, facts and knowledge to help you on your own personal growth journey.

how to stop being toxic

How To Stop Being Toxic

We will all come across a toxic person at some point in our lives. Toxic people tend to bring out the worst in us while depleting the joy from the simple things we usually love. We can often spot the unhealthy traits[i] in other people, but how adept are we at spotting these characteristics in ourselves? …

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example of a sign of anxiety in children

Anxiety In Children: Supporting your Child’s Anxiety

An article on why children may experience anxiety, how to spot the signs of anxiety in children, and developing tools for them to deal with the ‘big feelings’. Introduction  Mental health is more than the absence of mental health disorders, the World Health Organisation (WHO) defines it as a state of wellbeing where individuals realise …

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one of the best health apps

The Most Helpful Health Apps

There are a vast range of wellness apps available and in particular for health and fitness. With growing acknowledgment on the importance of mental health and also recognising holistic well-being, many more apps have emerged over recent years. Are there also apps available for the health and wellness of parents, teachers, health care professionals and …

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