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Mindfulness Introduction

About Rashmi Sharma RS Wellbeing Consultancy Wellbeing Specialist & Mindfulness Lead for a large NHS trust I am a coach and interpersonal mediator. I have great success in helping people overcome challenges and difficulties by using the power of their … Read More


About Guides

Our vision was to create a large free video library to help individuals with daily challenges so that they never have to be alone or lost. Anything from your boss causing your stress all the way to communication challenges all … Read More

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Book: Purposeful Living

Our new eBook is LIVE! Purposeful Living: How To Navigate Depressive States And Thrive In Life This eBook will help those who have lost hope all the way to supporting an individuals personal growth and purposeful living. About the authors … Read More

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Hades | Will Power

Hades in mythology was the Greek god of the underworld. It is our belief that when we face trauma in life or hardship we can feel so incredibly low that we do not know which way to turn and we … Read More

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Strength | Hope

Narrated by Andreanna Vasiliou. Having big dreams and goals is healthy as it enables us to project our future best self and have something meaningful to aim towards. If our action steps towards these goals our too big then at … Read More

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Strength | Forgiveness

Narrated by Andreanna Vasiliou. The following exercise is not for the other person but for you to detach yourself from a heavy weight, a bonded rope, a focus on the past. David Chorlton | Meaningful Paths Founder

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Strength | Social

Narrated by Andreanna Vasiliou. Active Constructive Responding Think back to when someone shared their good news with you. Disconnect: Passive Constructive – ‘Well done you! I also have some good news to share…’ Here you are not savoring their good … Read More

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Strength | Perspective

Narrated by PrestonR What do we think when a challenging event occurs? Does one black cloud mean the onset of storm? Does one black cloud mean a rainbow will appear later that day? Does one black cloud in the distance … Read More

Meaningful Life

Living A Purposeful Life

Photo Credit: GoodFon Written and narrated by David Chorlton Purposeful Living Definition What is a purposeful life? There are varied concepts on a purposeful living definition. Here we have handpicked some key theories around meaning (a key ingredient within purposeful … Read More

Breaking The Pattern Of A Victim Mindset

About Amira Mansour Amira aka The Communication Experts works with companies and individuals to help them communicate with themselves. This in turn enables them to get the best out of their relationships. She’s a believer that communication is the essence of … Read More