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About Amira Mansour

Amira aka The Communication Experts works with companies and individuals to help them communicate with themselves. This in turn enables them to get the best out of their relationships. She’s a believer that communication is the essence of understanding who you are and creating relationships where you feel heard and understood. Communicating is something we’re all doing all of the time, whether we realise it or not. However, when did you learn how to do it really well? Through a combination of 12 years in the corporate world, working with a diverse range of people and her own experiences, she’ll help you learn to understand the power of your internal dialogue, how this impacts your work, friendships, relationships and support you to get the promotion you want, the career you’re dreaming of, be the business leader you desire, the partner you’ve visualised, to live life on your terms honouring who you were always meant to be.  

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