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Mindfulness & Music Micro-Learning Course


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Course content:

  • 7 video modules.
  • Mindfulness Resource.
  • This course works in complete synchronisation with our website and our app.


About your teacher:

Laura Granada is a Veterinary Doctor with a Masters in Music Therapy and a Masters in Mindfulness, with extensive experience in the clinical and community field. She is a pioneer in the creation of a comprehensive approach aimed at all spheres of the human being, including mindfulness, music therapy, compassion, mindful movement and mindful eating.

She has had the opportunity to live in numerous cities in Colombia, as well as in Brazil, the United States and Spain, which has given her a broad vision of the human condition and the incessant pursuit of happiness that is common to us all.

Benefits of taking the course:

  • Life long unlimited course access after purchase.
  • On going technical customer support.
  • Course can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Course overview:


  • Learn about the duality of mindfulness and music and how this can have a profound impact in your daily life.
  • Discover how to use mindfulness as a formal and informal practice.
  • Learn how to think with more clarity and build a healthier relationship with the self.


A breakdown of the topics covered in the course:

  1. Benefits of Mindfulness: We’ll introduce Mindfulness as a practice, both formal and informal and the science-based benefits of a regular practice.
  2. Benefits of music on well-being: We will discuss some of the effects of music on our physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health and how we can integrate it into our daily life.
  3. Mindfulness attitudes: We will talk about Mindfulness attitudes and how they can impact our perspective and interactions, as well as how they can be applied to musicking and listening to music
  4. Music as the primary focus: During mindful music listening, music functions as the source for the primary object of attention

Practice: Mindful listening with sounds of nature. Beginner’s mind, engaging all the senses. 

  1. Music as a facilitator: We’ll discuss some of the effects of rhythm, harmony and melody and how to modulate our emotions with music.  We’ll show how we can modulate our emotions with an improvisation exercise and model it as an example to regulate our own emotional state. Practices: Self- compassionate breathing, working with difficult emotions and your musical bio.
  2. Music as a cue: We will explore music elements used to elicit a response: Practice: Body scan and Mindfulness of thoughts meditation.
  3. Music, mindfulness and movement. Exploring movement, music and expressive movement. Practices:Mindful walking, and mindful movement.


Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone of any age who wishes to learn more about mindfulness and music as an informal and formal practice to help them live a happier life with more clarity and calm.


There are no pre-existing requirements to take this course; just an open mind and a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Question and answers section:

(Q) Do I need to have any experience in mindfulness or music to take this course?

(A) No! This course is ideal for beginners and requires no pre-existing knowledge of mindfulness or any form of background in music.