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ADHD ADD Cover Art

Advice for parents with family members with ADHD and ADD

Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly, PhD and Dr. Lavan Baskaran discuss ADHD and ADD and share many varied tips for parents and adults. Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. She has over 30 years of … Read More

Osha and Indre Life Journeys Cover Art

Life Journeys: Indre talks to Transformation Coach Osha Key

Osha Key is an author, transformation coach, speaker and founder of the KEY Method. She helps individuals push to their next level in business, life and more by aligning the mind, soul, and body to a new desired reality. In this engaging … Read More

Gail and Indre Life Journeys Cover Art

Life Journeys: Indre talks with Clinical Hypnotherapist Gail Marra

What is Hypnotherapy? What is the difference between Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy? Welcome to Meaningful Paths webinar series Healthy Journeys. Our host Indre talks with Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist Gail Marra on the health benefits of clinical hypnotherapy, changing habits, … Read More

Andreanna and Vernon and Katey Cover Art

Conversations with Lotus On Air: Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood

Andreanna Vasiliou founder of Lotus On Air talks to Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood authors of The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times. In this though provoking conversation ideas around our ego, self-acceptance, inner peace, solitude and more are shared. … Read More