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We have action in physical form, known as problem focused coping, and action in thought, known as emotion focused coping. We can choose to get up and do something and we can choose to think a certain way that benefits a given situation. Coping is one part of Resilience and it is the way in which we deal with a difficult situation.

A person with what is known as an adaptive coping strategy deals with what is within their control only and not what is outside of their control. They will also interpret events in a more positive way. This is different to someone who uses overcontrol or passive coping for an event. 

It is also possible the action maybe to ‘surrender’ but the important concept here is the choice to surrender and not to passively surrender. For example, if you are stuck in traffic you can choose to surrender to the fact that you cannot move and you can use the time wisely to plan future positive steps. In contrast someone who tries to overcontrol things will often become highly frustrated in traffic as they cannot control this situation. In the majority of low control or no control situations it is best to practice emotion focused coping and deal with emotions and feelings at that given time.

David Chorlton | Meaningful Paths Founder

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