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Navigating Conflict


Written by David Chorlton and narrated by PrestonR

Imagine yourself on the point of a cliff, with a large vast space between your cliff and the opposing cliff. On the opposing cliff stands a figure, that represents the person who is causing you frustration. We do not want this figure to enter our personal boundaries in anyway. Viktor Frankl shared his insights that between stimulus and response is space. Within this space is our freedom to choose ones actions. Next time someone frustrates you, imagine this cliff to create space.

Assess whether or not this is just friendly banter or something more. Below the cliff edge is layers and each layer can represent forms of motivation. Why is the other person acting in such a way? Is it friendly banter? Did they lack love in childhood and now they seek the rooms approval from belittling others? Are they trying to control the office and manipulate the new person? When we can understand someones motivation with more clarity it helps us to understand what is going on with more depth.

Practice saying NO to certain things that do not align with your values.

Practice seeing the funny side of things more often. We can take certain things seriously but we do not need to overcontrol every situation in our lives.

Practice ‘killing it with kindness.’ If someone is rude to you, learn to smile, be enthusiastic and joyful in your response.

Practice your positive habits each day and do not allow someone else to derail your good work.

Practice being your best self! What actions would your future self be proud of?

Practice the cliff edge technique to master your anger.

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