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Key Character Strengths

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Strengths make you:

  • Feel energised mentally
  • Make you lose your sense of time
  • Do well with a task even under stress or fatigue

Strengths are different to skills (learned behaviours), talents (which often have a strong biological loading), and hobbies (which we choose due to their fun nature). 

Authentic Path Types

Explore your Authentic Path Type and your Key Character Strengths.

Creative Type
Seeker Type

Creative Type

It is likely that you have one or more of these as Strengths:

Zest | This individual is often the first on the dance floor. This person is the fireball of energy in a group. Playful and expressive in nature. 

Creativity | Whether it is in art form, writing, social media, cooking or other forms; this individual loves exploring ideas and growing concepts

Social Creative | This person reads social cues well and understands the dynamics of social situations.

Seeker Type

It is likely that you have one or more of these as Strengths:

Love Of Learning | This individual will enjoy learning about new things in many forms from museums, to documentaries to reading. On holidays they will like to explore the city and learn about it’s history. 

Curiosity | This person has an inquisitive nature about people and life. They like to discover secret gardens, know what is behind hidden doors, and want to learn about the soul of others. 

Perspective | Clarify the big picture from calmly assessing varied view points.

Architect Type
Leadership Type


It is likely that you have one or more of these as Strengths:

Perseverance | This individual like to finish tasks. Think of a grandfather figure in his garage/shed; think of a someone who spends a lot of time on puzzles. A real asset to problem solving. 

Prudence | Some may say this person is cautious, but this particular individual would prefer to say that they are thoughtful in nature. They help plan head for the future; they build carefully and methodically; they manage their finances, and they provide wisdom to the bold Creatives.

Honesty | This person presents their actions in an honest way and takes responsibility. 


It is likely that you have one or more of these as Strengths:

Courage | This individual likes to push themselves and dig deep. They will feel a real sense of pride after ‘stepping up’ and taking responsibility. 

Teamwork | This person likes to galvanize the group, bring people together and win through togetherness.

Fairness | This person treats people fairly and focusses on the well-being of the group.

Humanity Type
Observer Type


It is likely that you have one or more of these as Strengths:

Love | This individual greatly values close friendships and close relationships. They are by nature a very warm and kind human being. 

Forgiveness | An individual who lets go of a minor grudge and wants their to be peace in the group or the room. They will often be people pleasers. They are particular strong if an Architect disagreed over a project, or if there is conflict with an overly fierce Leadership type. 

Social Empath | This person reads their feelings and the feelings of others well. Whereas a social creative strength reads social settings well but might not be as empathetic towards others. Think of the difference between a counsellor and a sales person. 


It is likely that you have one or more of these as Strengths:

Spirituality | This person finds meaning more naturally within situations and feel more of a sense of belonging in nature and the world. They see life as part of a bigger journey.

Gratitude | By nature this person is more reflective and likes to pause to see the bigger picture. They can help a Leadership type who has lost or an Architect who is puzzled by seeing life beyond the obstacle. 

Hope | This person sees hope within situations and can unlock a positive thread even in the darkest of situations. 

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Meaningful Paths Founder David Chorlton Answers Questions Around Strengths Use For Day To Day Scenarios Within Our App Membership (Free Trial).

About Our Assessment

We have all of these Strengths within us and all of them can be developed. We often underuse our Strengths. There are Strengths that come more naturally to us and this assessment will help you identify a solid starting point. 

Meaningful Paths wanted to make Strengths use more accessible for everyday use in everyday real life settings. We have created 6 pillars called Authentic Paths Types. In each pillar we categories Strengths. Positive Psychology Strengths Spotting is normally done with a practitioner face to face. We decided to create a series of questions that will uncover some of your Key Character Strengths and allow you to start discovering how to become your authentic best self. We have a free app download featuring free resources. Within our membership option that comes with a free trial you have access to message Meaningful Paths Founder David Chorlton in our app group on how to make use to your Strengths in everyday life. We will explore how we often undersue our Strengths. We will explore how we can also overuse our Strengths. We will explore how Strengths in our relationships can compliment or conflict. We will learn how we can lead a team based around Strengths use for optimal performance. 

Dr. Hugo Alberts co-founder of – Helping You Help Others suggests that there are potentially 100s of Strengths.

VIA (VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute) have decades worth of scientific research around Strengths and also provide an in depth scientific assessment. 

Here at Meaningful Paths we offer a simple and fun exploration of your Strengths and from here if you would like to learn more, you can trial our free membership and explore your Strengths in depth with Positive Psychology Practitioner David Chorlton.

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