Strengths Spotting

What are Positive Psychology Strengths? What is Positive Psychology Strength Spotting?

Linley (2008) states that a Strength is “a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic, energizing to the user, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance.”

Why is Strength Spotting important?

Strengths make you:

  • Feel energised mentally
  • Make you lose your sense of time
  • Do well with a task even under stress or fatigue

Strengths are different to skills (learned behaviours), talents (which often have a strong biological loading), and hobbies (which we choose due to their fun nature). 

Please note that Positive Psychology Strengths Spotting and Positive Psychology Strengths Interviews are often done when working with a practitioner or coach. This quiz will give you a general idea of what your Top Character Strengths are likely to be but it will not cover all of your Strengths. This quiz will help give you a better and clearer idea on what authentically energises you and help you be mindful of when you may or may not be using such Strengths. We highly recommend that you journal times when you feel most energised and keep tabs on what you were doing at that precise moment in time. 

We often focus on our weaknesses and we rarely focus on our Strengths. If we spend more time doing what naturally energises us and is authentic to us we will feel more positive emotions regularly and have a greater chance of living the life we want to live. Working with our Strengths can also help us come out of depressive states and helps us to create a state of flow more regularly.

Strengths Spotting Quiz

Survey Findings

This survey was created around Strengths Spotting to give you an idea on what your Key Strengths might be and to also help you think about your Strengths more often. We will only use your answers to help you in the best possible way for your health, well-being and Meaningful Paths experience. Your answers will not be given to any third parties. Please enjoy our free resources below and also in app resources for your continued health and happiness.

Importance of Strengths for Happiness

If we can imagine for a moment, a person with Key Strengths for love of learning and curiosity. If that person worked in an environment where their job allowed for no learning at all, they would naturally feel quite drained at the end of the day. In contrast if they worked in an environment that embraced their curious imagination and allowed for continual learning; that person could lose a sense of time, feel energised, and feel authentic.

Strengths Journaling

Within your tab bar on your app you will see ‘journal.’ Here you can take notes and journal your Strengths.

Having a Strengths journal/a diary can be of great use. If you journal times when you feel happiest, most energised, natural, and you lose track of time; make not on what activities you were doing. What Strengths could you have been using at that time? Strengths Spotting can help us organically unveil what Strengths we have and when we use them.

Ensure that you use your Strengths everyday for your health and well-being. We do not wish to overuse our Strengths but ensure we use them more often. The more we actively do what naturally energises us, the happier and more authentic we feel.

Using Strengths to help others

Within our App there are a vast range of groups ranging from health groups to charity and community groups. You can connect with others, share your knowledge, help them solve challenges and also work with project leads for rewarding charitable causes.

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We often feel tired because we do not do enough of what makes us feel ALIVE.

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Do more of what naturally energises you, and use our courses for your best self.

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You can volunteer to help community groups and projects with your key Strengths.

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If a key Strength is Creativity; volunteer time & creative thinking to help our charity partners.

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Visit our App and explore our charity volunteer groups.

We feel it is best to introduce you to Strengths and help you explore your Strengths naturally with a smaller number of areas which will help you become natural at spotting your own Key Strengths. What are Positive Psychology Strengths? Now that you know more, you can start to explore and observe your Positive Psychology Strengths for your own well-being and for the benefit of others with our Meaningful Paths App. Feel free to explore our informal beginners Positive Psychology Strengths Test and Quiz any time.

Positive Psychology Strengths Tests

Other Positive Psychology Strengths Tests

There are several more detailed Positive Psychology Character Strengths Tests available such as the VIA Survey which shows you 24 character Strengths and also Strengths Profile which measures 60 Key Strengths. According to Dr. Hugo Alberts of there might be hundreds of Strengths. These tests and assessments have strong scientific backing and can help open you up to a world of exciting Strengths awareness. 

Strengths in depth – VIA Character Strengths

Reference: VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute


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Linley, A., Willars, J., & Biswas-Diener, R. (2010). The strengths book. CAPP Press.

Positive Psychology Program B.V 2020

VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports | VIA Institute

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