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What are Positive Psychology Strengths? What is Positive Psychology Strength Spotting?

Linley (2008) states that a strength is “a pre-existing capacity for a particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is authentic, energizing to the user, and enables optimal functioning, development and performance.”

Strengths make you:

  • Feel energised mentally
  • Make you lose your sense of time
  • Do well with a task even under stress or fatigue

Strengths are different to skills (learned behaviours), talents (which often have a strong biological loading), and hobbies (which we choose due to their fun nature). 

Please note Strengths Spotting and Strengths Interviews are often done when working with a practitioner or coach. This quiz will give you a general idea of what your Top Character Strengths are likely to be but it will not cover all of your strengths. This quiz will help give you a better and clearer idea on what authentically energises you and help you be mindful of when you may or may not be using such strengths. We highly recommend that you journal times when you feel most energised and keep tabs on what you were doing at that precise moment in time. 

We often focus on our weaknesses and we rarely focus on our strengths. If we spend more time doing what naturally energises us and is authentic to us we will feel more positive emotions regularly and have a greater chance of living the life we want to live. Working with our strengths can also help us come out of depressive states and helps us to create a state of flow more regularly.

Strengths Spotting Quiz

Use your Strengths to achieve your goals

Join our free social network and meet like minded individuals to support each other on one another’s goals. Work with other people using different strengths and skill sets to achieve incredible things. Meet world leading experts in community development, business owners, creatives and much more.

There are several more detailed Strengths Tests available such as the VIA Survey which shows you 24 character Strengths and also Strengths Profile which measures 60 Key Strengths. According to Dr. Hugo Alberts of there might be hundreds of strengths. These tests and assessments have strong scientific backing and can help open you up to a world of exciting strengths awareness. 

We feel it is best to introduce you to strengths and help you explore your strengths naturally with a smaller number of areas which will help you become natural at spotting your own Key Strengths. 

Following on from our Strengths Quiz you can explore our course Your Meaningful Path which includes more detail on strengths. Join our free Meaningful Paths Community where you can use your strengths to help others and get support on your own Meaningful Goals or alternatively further explore our website for additional learnings. 


Linley, A. (2008). Average to A+: Realising strengths in yourself and others. CAPP Press.

Linley, A., Willars, J., & Biswas-Diener, R. (2010). The strengths book. CAPP Press.

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