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Course Content

. Six videos narrated by Andreanna Vasiliou; Health Advocate and Founder of Lotus On Air.

. Six written pieces to accompany each video by Meaningful Paths Founder and Positive Psychology Practitioner David Chorlton.

. Six text based exercises on Emotional Intelligence.

Course Hosts

Andreanna Vasiliou

Andreanna Vasiliou


Andreanna Vasiliou is a health advocate, actress and the founder of health & wellness space and fitness wear Lotus On Air. She is passionate about helping others for their mental and physical wellness. Andreanna presents and co-creates digital courses and content for Meaningful Paths.

David Chorlton

David Chorlton

Founder of Meaningful Paths

David is the founder of Meaningful Paths, a Positive Psychology Practitioner and has six years of experience in community development in developing countries. David founded Meaningful Paths to help people grow as individuals, become the best version of themselves and from this use that growth to help others in need.

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