Student Anxiety – International

Anxiety for students coming to study in the UK

Students have a lot on their plates – studying, attending lectures, meeting tough deadlines, all whilst trying to keep up hobbies and maintain a healthy social life. When you add moving to a different country into the mix, this can quickly become overwhelming,

As an international student coming to the UK, it’s natural to feel anxious, stressed and worried about making such a big leap. Not only are you starting a brand-new leg of your educational journey (which is enough to make anyone nervous), but you are uprooting your life to move abroad and tackling everything that this entails. From learning new social customs to getting on with your housemates and making new friends, there is a lot to think about.

Remember that it is normal to feel anxious about such a big life change and the culture shock that will accompany it. However, it’s important not to let yourself get bogged down in these feelings and know that you aren’t alone. We have compiled resources which will help you to handle anxious feelings surrounding coming to study in the UK – including a mix of videos and articles. These resources will help you to get ahead of your anxiety, and to process it as it happens, ensuring that you have a smoother transition into your studies and can fully enjoy this new chapter in your life.

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