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Health and Well-being Consultancy

Please contact us if you are interested in these services on the email below – we will arrange a free initial consultation to understand your needs as a business and then create a bespoke offering and price for your personal requirements. Our Health and Well being consultancy will offer you time with an experienced member of the team, who can look holistically at all of your companies requirements and needs and match these with solutions. Our solutions will sometimes be in house and sometimes external partners, however at all times we will keep the well-being of you, your employees and your organisation at the heart of all we offer and provide.

Positive Psychology Workshops

For all our Positive Psychology offerings we work in partnership with our sister organisation called Prism Potential Ltd. Prism Potential is an organisation dedicated to taking people on a life enhancing journey through the world of Positive Psychology – firmly rooted and grounded in the principles of the PERMAR model Prism through either small team workshops, large company wide symposium or 1:1 interventions, will help people understand more about how their mind works and how they can tweak things in their daily lives to achieve a more balanced and stable level of happiness.

If you are interested in the Prism service please email us below and we will provide information and a free exploratory appointment to discuss needs, offerings and pricing