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Positive Psychology of Money Course

Psychology Of Money Cover 1.1

Course Description

This seven day audio course is designed by Dr Pradnya in partnership with Meaningful paths to enhance positive attitude towards money and reduce stress and anxiety. 

In this course, every day you will be taken through an audio and text based exercises. All exercises and activities are well researched positive psychology interventions. The sequence of these activities is designed in a way that will help you to uncover your past beliefs, thoughts and feelings about money by doing exercises like expressive writing and gratitude. Improving awareness about current money related thoughts by meditating and writing about the experience of giving away money and finally envisioning the best possible future regards to money.


Dr Pradnya Surana is a Positive Psychologist, Financial well-being and behavioural economics researcher. Pradnya has been a lecturer in positive psychology at the University of East London. Her thesis focused on creating a positive psychology intervention which helps to enhance more positive attitude towards money and reduce stress and anxiety occurred because of money problems. Her work has been featured in prominent publications, including The Psychologist, Psyche, PENN MAPP alumni and Indian Positive Psychology Journal. Currently, Pradnya consults around the world as a financial well-being expert. She is passionate to research about resolving money issues with holistic approach; including perspectives from Psychology, Spirituality, Cultural differences and Economics. Pradnya is striving to change the direction of the discourse about money, finance and well-being by helping individuals, organisations and institutions recognise that money is only a tool to fulfil their dreams.