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Alzheimer Prevention

Alzheimer’s is a dreadful disease and is the most common cause of dementia in the world. Nobody knows what causes it, or how to cure it, but there are plenty of ways you can alter your lifestyle which will help to prevent you being affected by Alzheimer’s disease when you reach an older age.

As well as looking after your physical health, the key to limiting your risk of developing any form of dementia is staying mentally acute. There is a huge array of activities you can participate in which will improve your mental acuity as well as reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s and other memory-related syndromes:

  • Reading
  • Writing and or keeping a diary
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Learning languages
  • Maintaining a full social calendar

These are activities which you should do throughout your everyday life to keep an active, busy mind. Physical health also contributes to your risk of developing many diseases. You should keep a healthy diet, avoid drinking excess alcohol and abstain from smoking.

This resource section contains plenty of activities, articles, videos and more on the subject of Alzheimer’s prevention.

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