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Moving With Your Strengths

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Let Your Yoga Dance | Where Joy and Fun Meet Deep and Sacred

Megha-Nancy Buttenheim, M.A., is the founder of Let Your Yoga Dance: Grace in MotionĀ®. An international presenter, Megha been leading teacher-trainings, retreats, and classes at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts since 1985. She brings her passion and expertise as a lifelong dancer, actress, singer, yogi, and educator in experiential learning to all her workshops and trainings.

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Respect and enjoy your body in a brand new way. Embody your strengths every day of the month with short, fun, fabulous, flowing movement sequences. This unique 30-Day Practice is for everyone who lives in a human body: introverts, extroverts, scholars, dancers, psychologists, yogis, homemakers, kids, the elderly, moms and dads, and everyone else. Move your character strengths to new heights. Megha introduces you to one strength each day. You will be guided in easy-to-follow experiences in moving meditation, or gentle yoga, or Let Your Yoga Dance, or breath work, t’ai chi or chi gung, or relaxation.

This 30-Day Moving With Your Strengths Practice promises to:

  • Boost Your Joy
  • Brighten your character strengths throughout your day
  • Build positivity, awareness, and body-mind confidence
  • Blend mind and body together in yoga (aka: union)
  • Bring your strengths inside your tissues, bones, muscles, heart, and soul

We invite you to visit our Strengths Spotting page and to take our free short Strengths Quiz. At the bottom of this page you will also see a list of VIA Character Strengths – Strengths Spotting – Meaningful Paths

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