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Conversations with Lotus On Air: Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood

Andreanna Vasiliou founder of Lotus On Air talks to Vernon Sankey & Katey Lockwood authors of The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times. In this though provoking conversation ideas around our ego, self-acceptance, inner peace, solitude and more are shared. If you would like to work with Vernon & Katey please explore our Masterclasses where …

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Mindfulness – My Journey

I would have to say I only truly discovered Mindfulness in the last 18 months or so and the varying wisdom and meaning that it navigates. Before this Mindfulness to me was a ‘cool’ concept that was seemingly gaining increased popularity and it provided nuances of ‘happiness.’ With my further application and understanding of this …

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Apology Language – 5 Ways To Apologise Properly

Our connections and relationships, whether these be platonic or romantic, will define our future path, success, and happiness. Here you can learn about apology language, the 8 steps to forgiveness and how to build healthier friendships and relationships by combining healthy apology languages and honest forgiveness. “You’re going to go through tough times – that’s …

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Ego and Suffering

Photo Credit; Good Fon Ego and Suffering Who are you? Why can we have a very inspired day and then feel like we have lost it all the following day? Why might retired sport stars and people from long term work to retirement fall into depression? How do we find meaning and make sense in …

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