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Narrated by Andreanna Vasiliou.

Active Constructive Responding

Think back to when someone shared their good news with you.


Passive Constructive – ‘Well done you! I also have some good news to share…’ Here you are not savoring their good news and you are quickly talking about yourself.

Passive Destructive -‘That is cool. You never guess what happened to me the other day?’ Here you barely acknowledge their good news.

Active Destructive – ‘What about seeing me? You will have no free time!’ Here you react with negativity and see all of the challenges without congratulating the other person.

Meaningful Connection – ACR:

Active Constructive Responding – ‘This is amazing! Tell me how it felt for you at the time you heard this great news! I really admire your strengths of courage and leadership to get this promotion.’ Here you either savor the good news and explore their feelings and you further celebrate their joy. If there is bad news then you validate their emotions and sit and explore their feelings with depth.

Savor and celebrate the good news.

Validate and explore the bad news with empathy and compassion.

David Chorlton – Meaningful Paths Founder

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