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What do we think when a challenging event occurs? Does one black cloud mean the onset of storm? Does one black cloud mean a rainbow will appear later that day? Does one black cloud in the distance mean a present moment of clear blue sky?

Based on the cognitive appraisal theory of emotions, it is the actual appraisals (interpretations) of the events that we face that cause our emotions to change as opposed to the actual events themselves. It is also possible for appraisals to multiply for either negative or positive emotion.

For example if you lost your job the negative appraisal multiplication might look like;

“I lost my job my life is over” ANGER

“What will I tell my partner and children?” GUILT

“I wish I had not have done what I did” REGRET

Whereas a positive multiplication of appraisal may look like;

“I was not happy there and now I have new opportunities” NEW OPPORTUNITIES

“I felt so unhealthy at work and now I can focus on a new lifestyle for my health” A POSITIVE HAS COME FROM THIS EVENT.

Benefit finding is one aspect of appraisal theory for finding a positive out of an event. This does not mean that the event was only positive and we can respect the negative that resulted in the positive.

David Chorlton | Meaningful Paths Founder

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