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Each morning practice the following two principles:

  1. Practice one thing your are grateful for each morning. This could be a kind gesture that someone did for you; a cup of tea or the strength of a loved one. This will help you to start the day in a positive mindset with curiosity and openness to people and the world. This is in contrast to an anxious or negative start to our day.
  2. Think about how your best self would handle scenarios in the day. If someone beeps their car horn at you or your boss frustrates you; how would your best future self handle this situation? How could you be the strongest person at a loved ones funeral? Your best self would likely be calm, collected, think of others needs and act with a broader perspective. When we imagine our future best self this way it enables us to be proactive instead of reactive when a challenging event occurs.

David Chorlton | Meaningful Paths Founder

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