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Strength | Forgiveness

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Narrated by Andreanna Vasiliou.

The following exercise is not for the other person but for you to detach yourself from a heavy weight, a bonded rope, a focus on the past.

  1. Place your hand on your heart and say the following.
  2. I don’t have to condone your actions, but I am choosing to let you go. I am choosing to let go of the pain.
  3. I am choosing to wish you change and growth and wishing you to be kind to others.
  4. I am choosing to take control of my life without you being part of my future.
  5. I am choosing to let love enter my heart, and I am choosing to live a life of love, joy and meaning.
  6. I am choosing to forgive you, so that I can let go.

David Chorlton | Meaningful Paths Founder

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