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Meaningful Paths is proud to partner with PositiviTeens®.

Together we have created a library of engaging courses for teenagers to access and also practical and insightful courses for parents and teachers to help them process their emotions and help teenagers process theirs.

Why do teenagers experience such high rates of depression? Why are mood disorders seen commonly across college age groups?

How can we raise teenagers with a healthy and positive mind? How can we help teenagers code their brains for happiness, to foster a growth mindset and to navigate their way through stress?

Join Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly and Kaitlyn Kelly with their online courses for teenagers and parents.


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Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly

Mind and Heart Coaching

Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of health psychology and child development. She earned her Doctorate in Health Psychology from Yeshiva University.  She is a former National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Institute (NCI) Fellow in psycho-oncology and neuropsychology.

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Kaitlyn Kelly is the 18 year-old co-founder of PositiviTeens® Workshops. As a young teen in 2018, Kaitlyn was personally impacted by a high school shooting in her childhood hometown of Parkland, FL. That day, she witnessed, through live social media feeds, the unfolding violence upon friends and former neighbors while she sat in her school one town over. The secondary trauma of bearing witness to violence via unfiltered social media, as well as the developmental cost of violence depicted in consumer-entertainment platforms, inspired her to take action.
Addressing the psychosocial impact of violence, depersonalization, bullying and negativity that permeates social media on today’s youth was in response to the Parkland tragedy. During the pas 3 years Kaitlyn has worked to bring easily accessible mental health care to young people. Kaitlyn and her mother, a Clinical Psychologist (Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly), developed an empowering program of Positive Psychology and Cognitive-Behavioral strategies to not only support and educate students, teachers and parents, but to also provide evidence based interventions to promote greater emotional resilience. The effects of digital technology on teen culture, communication, and relationships is one of the timely topics covered in the PositiviTeens® workshops and webinars. Kaitlyn’s unique perspective as a teen, and as a student of Positive Psychology, provides a foundation upon which enacting change for growth is relevant to young audiences. Kaitlyn has co-presented PositiviTeens® webinars to audiences in the USA, Middle East and China. Learn more at PositiviTeens®.com
Learn more about Kaitlyn here – Positive Psychology for Teens in Troubled Times | Wholebeing Institute


Online Courses



PositiviTeens® offer a range of workshops for teachers, parents and teenagers via webinars and Zoom. For more information on this please email –

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