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I Feel Mistreated

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Written by David Chorlton and narrated by PrestonR.

Step 1:  Create some space from work, do something healthy, exercise, seek out nature. Sometimes we are too close to a problem, we have burnout from work and we cannot see things with clarity.

Step 2:  As Viktor Frankl said, between stimulus and response is space, and it is within this space our freedom to choose ones own actions. Try to detach your emotions from the facts. Carefully monitor and observe how you are being treated by your manager in comparison to others. Observe this for 3-4 weeks.

Step 3: Practice seeing things through the eyes of your manager. It is possible they are mistreating you; however be open minded to the potential pressures they are under from their senior management, stress from home and other external challenges. This does not excuse certain behaviours but the mere practice of being open minded gives you more clarity on the situation.

Step 4: Choose to be your best self, go into work with a smile, be kind to others and seek out joy and fulfilment. This is not rose-tinted glasses or the acceptance of being mistreated; these actions help to bring more clarity and joy to our day which will enable more positive interactions and help us to seek out the broader picture of how we are being treated by management.

Step 5: If you feel you are being mistreated, it is healthy to speak to your manager. At first identify several character strengths of theirs to start the conversation well to show how you appreciate the hard work they have put in to get to their position. Then calmly share scenarios of late that have lead you to believe you are being mistreated. Share your intention of wanting to work together harmoniously and work well together as a team. If this conversation fails to make a difference, then please explore our further resources for additional support. The important thing here is that you have respected your own boundaries, reflected calmly on the situation and have acted with exceptional integrity.  

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