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About Dr. Mansi Vira

Dr. Mansi practices as a functional and holistic medicine practitioner, specializing in chronic disease, mental health, neuromuscular disease, and preventative medicine. Dr. Mansi wholeheartedly believes in finding the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms. She helps her clients discover their body’s innate capacity to heal, using the wisdom of ancient practices of medicine, combined with modern-day research and technology. Dr. Mansi’s treatment model is personalized to treat the whole person – the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms of the body.  Her treatment protocols include: dance/movement therapy, botanical medicine, dietary supplementation, clinical nutrition, breath work, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and lifestyle modifications. Dr. Mansi is also a certified YogaBody Breath Coach, Health Coach, Nutrition Therapist, and professional classical Indian dancer. She loves experimenting in the kitchen, motivational writing, and getting lost in nature’s meditations. 

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