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Coding For Happiness

Image Ref: Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash Can we code our minds for greater happiness? Yes, we can!   Happiness is cultivated from decision to view our world and respond to it with a positive perspective.  The belief that … Read More

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No more nagging! How To Talk To Teens

By Sherry Skyler Kelly, PhD & Kaitlyn E Kelly (Co-Founders of PositiviTeens®) Today’s teens are experiencing higher rates of anxiety and depression than ever before due largely to the COVID pandemic (NIH/CCD 2021), and knowing how to talk to teens … Read More

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How to keep your Brain Vibrant

When giving workshops on how the brain works and how we age, many attendees share with me that their favorite part of the talk was on how to keep your brain vibrant. Here are some of my top tips, plus … Read More