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Positive Organisation – Resilience in the Workplace

Our Positive Organisation package(s) teach workplace resilience, optimal human functioning and meaning to help you positively grow your team or organisation – pushing each team member in the right direction.

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Luthar, Cicchettie, & Becker (2000); Resilience is “a dynamic process encompassing positive adaptation within the context of significant adversity.”

Alberts and colleagues (2011), study shows that it may be possible to alter your negativity bias through applied optimism.

The World Economic Forum (2020) predicts that Emotional Intelligence will become a Top Ten essential skill needed by all.

Tech Philosopher, Author and Entrepreneur, Somi Arian (2020) believes Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness are crucial skill sets for the future work place.

How can workplace resilience help your team grow?

“Extensive studies have shown that individuals who regulate their emotions in a healthier manner and individuals who are more resilient have increased well-being, less chance of illness, are more productive, have increased creative thinking ability and are more optimistic in their daily lives.”

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If you would like to explore our offerings within our positive organisation package then please see our Partner Organisation Prism Potential Ltd for further information.