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Developing Self-Esteem and Resilience in Children Micro-Learning Course

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Dr Kate Payne

My name is Dr Kate Payne, and I am an Educational and Child Psychologist working primarily within a London Borough Local Authority. My qualifications include a First Class Undergraduate BSc Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Mental Health Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology. These qualifications, alongside my experiences to date, have enabled me the opportunity to use and apply psychology to support the development of children through to adulthood.

Course Content

Module 1 – Resilience

  • In this video Dr. Kate explores the foundations of resilience and developing resilience in children.

Module 2 – Self-Concept

  • In our second video Dr. Kate shares how we develop from a young age through the self-concept.

Module 3 – Emotional and Physical Security

  • In this module Dr. Kate will explore building resilience through emotional and physical security.

Module 4 – Positive Psychology

  • In this video we take a deep dive into ‘what is good,’ our strengths, and how to navigate the negative and the positive.

Module 5 – Motivation

  • In this video we will look into how we can motivate our children for their happiness and resilience.

Module 6 – Praise and Feedback

  • In our final module Dr. Kate will share how we can share feedback and praise our children in a healthy way.

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