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Our Mission

Meaningful Paths supports individuals, businesses, social prescribing and health care models with a unique coaching model. Our app content has been created by a wide range of psychologists and coaches focusing on purposeful living and resilience trainings. 

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Unique Coaching Model

We have found a balance between one-on-one therapy/coaching and on demand self-paced content. Our unique coaching model supports in app messaging between the clients and a dedicated coach with creative and interactive coaching pathways and personal support. No AI or chatbots.

Our Services

Our app tools and in app coaching support can be tailored for the following needs >

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Health Care Partnerships

Our in app coaching model supports with client resilience training and regular coaching check ins supporting a clients growth and autonomy. This in turn can reduce pressures on GPs and the NHS with anxiety related referrals.

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Organisational Development

Our in app coaching model supports staff personal growth and regular coaching check ins for staff well-being. Communication skills, family wellness, will power training and much more. Support your team with their dedicated coach.

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Social Prescribing

Our app supports individuals with community networking and community resources for resilience and well-being. Members can make friends in app and also have support in discovering what is going on in their local community.

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Individual Wellness

Our in app coaching model supports individuals with purposeful living, resilience training and overall well-being with regular in app coach check ins. Members can enjoy a large library of on demand content and in app coaching support.

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Our Ebook

  • How to gain clarity on your life and create your own compass for your future self.
  • Understand the complexity of meaning and purpose in our digestible diagrams and short texts.
  • Discover the importance of narrative and the story that we tell ourselves.
  • How to bring out your authentic best self.
  • Learn about compulsive behaviour and impulse control and how to stick to your meaningful path.
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