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Welcome to Meaningful Paths and to the Start of Your Journey. Life might be going fairly well right now but you are seeking some guidance around a topic or you maybe feeling lost in someway. Meaningful Paths is here as a best friend in your pocket whether you need help and guidance, or if you want to explore further personal growth and thrive in life.

Once we begin to understand our deeper values, grow meaningful relationships and also use our strengths regularly, we have the foundation for happiness, health and a meaningful life.


Viktor Frankls powerful observation was that each of us live a life of meaning at the intersection of life and choice. We do not have to change the world, but we all have the opportunity to find meaning in everyday life and live a life of meaningful moments. From here we can find passion and a drive to help others grow; and such a drive can become purposeful living. Such drive can help us come out of depressive states and such drive can help us to flourish in life.

There is much evidence to suggest that people who have regular moments of meaning, meaningful relationships, meaningful community engagement, and have a sense of purpose are happier, healthier and also live longer. Our free course Your Meaningful Path and our in App groups can help you get started.


When we start to use our Key Strengths more regularly, we feel more energised, passionate and happier. Our in App Strengths Quiz can help you identify your Key Strengths.


We invite you to explore our interactive video below where our Mind & Body Coach Kamila will assess what you are looking for. From here we can share with you our free resources that we recommend for your meaningful path.

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  • Groups: Join the recommended group from the video based on your needs. Feel free to introduce yourself, post ideas and learn from others. Explore the free resources and blogs within the App and enjoy. There are lot’s of free resources to enjoy without being a member.
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Strengths Profile

Next we recommend that you learn more about Strengths and use our fun quiz to discover more about your Strengths.

Your Meaningful Path

Next we recommend that you take our free course – Your Meaningful Path – which will take you on a journey to understand more about your values and purposeful living.

Health Check 7

Next we recommend that you take our fun survey on health and lifestyle with Health Check 7.

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If you feel ready, you may go to Members in the App tab bar and choose a Membership type that suits your particular needs. Trial this Membership for free for one month and cancel anytime.

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Masterclasses & Courses

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • (Q) How do I become a member? Click on JOIN in the tab bar and explore our range of membership options.
  • (Q) How do I access masterclasses and courses that I am not enrolled in? (A)Please click on the SHOP in the tab bar, and here you can see our library of courses for purchase. Once purchased they will appear on your home landing page within the App under My Courses.
  • (Q) How do I contact my Coach Resource Guide for members? (A) Your Coach Resource Guide will email you if you are a member to introduce themselves. You may ask them one questions per week for help to find specific resources that you need within the Meaningful Paths world within your membership type. You may ask about a specific course or Tool Belt module for further help or you may ask for advice around where to find a particular resource for your health and well-being.
  • (Q) How do I find out about the Fireside Chats Webinars for members? (A) You will find your Fireside Webinars under the Members tab of the app.

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