Welcome to Meaningful Paths and to the Start of your Journey. Whether you are seeking personal growth, goal exploration, parenting tips, advice on the health and well-being of your teenagers and children, or if you want to form a healthier relationship with money, we can help. Please take your time on the below survey. We will not give any of your information to third parties; the sole purpose of this survey and our other surveys and quiz based solutions is to help us learn more about you so we can share relevant health and wellness solutions for you. Enjoy.

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Thank you for taking the time to take part in our short survey. The Meaningful Paths world is vast, and we want to help you in the best possible way. Below you will see a series of options.

  1. Strengths Spotting: Here you will learn more about your Best Self and how to use your Strengths for a happier and healthier you and also how to use your Strengths to help others.
  2. Lifestyle: We are learning more and more about the longest living, healthiest and happiness people on the planet. These individuals follow a series of regular habits and actions. Here you will learn more about building this into a foundation for your life.
  3. Family Health: We have a wide range of resources, articles, and Masterclass courses available for parents, and also children’s well-being. Please see this page to learn more about this.
  4. PositiviTeens® : We have also created a wide range of resources, articles and Masterclass courses for teenagers and parents.
  5. Financial Health: We have several experts who have created a range of resources, articles and Masterclass courses on how to improve your relationship with money. We also have a free course; Positive Psychology of Money, which you can access for free on our app.

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Strengths Spotting Quiz – Learn about your Key Strengths.


Health Check Quiz – Learn about the happiest and healthiest people.

Family Health

Learn about our vast range of courses for parents, children and teenagers and our membership for parents.


Learn about our vast range of courses and options for parents and teenagers and also our teenagers membership.

Financial Health

Learn about how we can help you build a positive relationship with money.

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