Resilience Master Class Special

Master Class

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship”

Louisa May Alcott

Are challenges in life holding you back from who you want to be?

Do you believe that events of the past are shaping your future?

Why is it that some people thrive in challenging situations and others suffer in other ways?

Imagine living a life that provided inspiration and optimism much more frequently. Imagine having the strength to be there for your loved ones whenever they need you, and the mindset to overcome daily challenges so that you can focus your attention instead on things that bring you joy.

Meaningful Paths presents Resilience; a six module video series accompanied by exercises based on extensive scientific research in the field of Positive Psychology. Presented by health advocate Andreanna Vasiliou and scripted by Positive Psychology Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Teacher David Chorlton.


Course Content

* Seven videos presented by Andreanna Vasiliou and written by David Chorlton
*Twelve Positive Psychology Exercises & Two additional Exercises by David Chorlton
* Bonus PDF What is Mindfulness by David Chorlton
* One Video Meditation


Module 1

In this video Andreanna introduces you to the course and looks into the meaning of Resilience.

Module 2

In this video Andreanna looks into how our thoughts and beliefs shape our world.

Module 3

In this video Andreanna discusses that it is how much attention that we focus on positive and negative events that can significantly alter our future actions.

Module 4

In this video Andreanna assesses the science of action based coping mechanisms.

Module 5

In this video Andreanna discusses the science behind how we construct our Ego and our Self which in turn has shaped who we are today.

Module 6

In our final video, Andreanna describes why our environments can have the biggest impact on our resilience and how we can create a new world around ourselves.

Usually £100 and now selling at £40 as a special offer during COVID.

Buy one Resilience Master Class at £40 and we will also in addition gift this course to a loved one of your choice.

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Are you ready to become your best self?


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Miriam Fadda
Miriam Fadda
07:58 01 Mar 21
Meaningful Paths has helped me to change the way I see things. It has supported me when my mind has been experiencing... more negative thoughts than positive, plus has given me a push to step outside my comfort zone. I really like the fact you can start and stop the tasks around your own schedule which is ideal for my busy life. I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to try a new journey in life and find some time to focus on more
Jack Carey
Jack Carey
19:09 22 Jan 21
Meaningful Paths has supported me through the recent lockdown in the UK by providing a wealth of materials that I could... use to reflect on myself. I took an online course that helped with my anxiety and gave me a route map to objectively look at what is most important. I am now far happier. I contribute this to Meaningful Paths.I also had the privilege to meet managing director, Dave Chorlton, who is the loveliest guy you could meet. He is compassionate and caring, and if you are stuck and need advice on which course or programme Meaningful Paths offer, contact him. He will listen and look after you!read more
Mark Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw
17:35 19 Jan 21
Meaningful Paths is such a worthwhile concept and truly helps individuals explore the possibilities that spring from... having a real sense of well-being. I would strongly recommend that you take the time to engage with this site. I have found Dave Chorlton its founder to be a pleasure to work with and a person that definitely has his heart in the right place.Mark BradshawCo-founder of Pronounce more
sean lindsay
sean lindsay
15:32 19 Jan 21
I recently signed up to the build your world membership and have found it very helpful. Its great value for money and... been a huge help during the latest more
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