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Your Story


‘Your Story’ is part of our series of positive thinking books and follows on from the book ‘Paths of Meaning; how to live a meaningful life’. ‘Your Story’ holds your hand and gives you the tools you will need to begin living a life of fulfilment and a tool belt that you can always carry with you to continue living a life of happiness and handle daily challenges.



Positive thinking book

Growing a positive mindset is no easy task, but you can achieve it with the right tools and attitude towards change. ‘Your Story’ positive thinking book will become your best friend during your mindfulness journey.

‘Your Story’ is written by expert mindfulness teacher David Chorlton and is packed with invaluable advice.

Get your self-esteem book

The ‘Your Story’ eBook is ideal for anyone, whether your journey has just started or you’re already on the path of greater self-esteem and a more positive mindset.

Easy to download on whichever device is most convenient for you, this book can be read as soon as your purchase has been completed. So, why not start thinking positively today? Buy your eBook now, or get in touch with the Meaningful Paths team with any questions by emailing us at

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