Your Meaningful Path


Your Meaningful Path: Personal Development Course

Here at Meaningful Paths we work with you to help you find values, meaning and open the possibilities of you finding a personal purpose. This personal development course aims is to help you go out into the world to build your vision and as you grow, others grow alongside of you.


. Meaningful Paths Tool Belt for your journey featuring downloadable sheets for your goals.

. Chapter 1 – You will be taken on a video journey including video meditations to help you discover purposeful living. Chapter 1 includes 5 lesson modules and 1 topic exercise per lesson.

. Chapter 2 – You will be guided on how to accomplish your vision and goals. Chapter 2 includes 4 lessons each with 2 topic exercises per lesson.

. Access to email Meaningful Paths Founder David Chorlton 3 emails after you complete your course to discuss your findings and have questions answered.


Personal Development Course

Our personal development course ‘Your Meaningful Path’ will explore the core principles of your values and the purpose of your life to help you develop as a person. During this course, we’ll work with you to find answers to the following:

  1. How do we discover our own Meaningful Path?
  2. Why do we set goals for ourselves and then often lose our focus and action plan several months later?
  3. Why do some people stick to their vision and others drift from their vision?
  4. Why can we become highly motivated by a staged event, passionate speech and epiphany but then lose the energy to continue on our path for our goals?


Find your path to success

During our video and text based personal development course you’ll learn:

  • About your values and meaning in greater detail.
  • How to create goals for others that benefit yourself in a more congruent and meaningful way.
  • About the significance of timing and positive emotions for your goal sustainability.
  • About what we should focus on as individuals to create an environment for a greater chance of goal success.
  • How to think big and create practical dynamics for your vision.

Are you ready to get started and find your path to success, as well as learning the skills needed to help other people grow? If the answer is yes, you can get started today. Purchase and download your course, or get in touch by emailing with any queries.


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