Your Journey

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Your Journey | Self Awareness Course

The ‘Your Journey’ self awareness course is an immersive learning experience, featuring an audio backing that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. This course provides the tools you need to tackle life’s challenges and understand what is holding you back from personal success. Each section also includes written tasks to help you achieve your end goal.


Build a Positive Self Image

Would you like to wake up inspired each day? Would you like to find more meaning and purpose in life? Would you like to setup your own business or charity, but things are holding you back from doing so? Taking the ‘Your Journey’ self-awareness course will put you on the right path to tackle the mental barricades that are holding you back from success.


Start your journey of self-awareness

Getting started on your self awareness journey is easy with the ‘Your Journey’ course. The course itself is easy to download and is mobile friendly to ensure you can learn on the go whenever is most convenient for you. As well as containing lots of unique text and lessons, the course draws from our ‘Paths of Meaning’ eBooks to support your learning experience.

If you feel ready to get started, purchase the ‘Your Journey’ course today. We can be reached via email on if you have any queries about the course.

1 review for Your Journey

  1. Lee Simms

    Very insightful. The Labyrinth chapter particularly resonated with me. The audio and sketches really bring things together.

    I love the vision of Meaningful Paths; inspiring to build kindness and well being for communities and our planet.

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