Paths of Meaning; how to live a meaningful life

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Why did you wake up this morning? Why did you leave the house today? The last time you achieved something good why did you have the courage and discipline to succeed? The last time you suffered great pain why did you have the strength to continue? Discover how to find your why and how to live a meaningful life. Learn how you can wake up inspired daily and have a foundation of happiness. From present stories by incredible people to ancient conversations with Aristotle and Seneca to tales of Hypatia and more, we will unravel common themes in humanity for the foundation of our best lives.


3 reviews for Paths of Meaning; how to live a meaningful life

  1. Sean

    A well written, thought provoking look on finding your why and more purpose in life and I am excited to learn more from Meaningful Paths.

  2. Olya

    The book can help you find yourself, open your mind, find your way in life, to reconsider your values. Simple to understand yet gives you a lot to think about

  3. Kamila

    Read it and loved it! Really recommend it.. especially during these special times at home.

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