Meaningful Paths

Paths of Meaning; how to live a meaningful life


Our self-help eBook ‘Paths of Meaning; how to live a meaningful life’ is the perfect introduction to leading a life filled with more meaning. Why did you wake up this morning? Why did you leave the house today? The last time you achieved something good, why did you have the courage and discipline to succeed? The last time you suffered great pain, why did you have the strength to continue? This self-help eBook with help you to discover how to find your ‘why’ and how to live a meaningful life.



What you will learn

When you read the Paths of Meaning eBook, you will learn how you can wake up inspired daily and have a foundation of happiness. From present stories by incredible people to ancient conversations with Aristotle and Seneca to tales of Hypatia and more, we will unravel common themes in humanity for the foundation of our best lives.

The eBook can be read as a stand-alone self help tool, but is also a perfect learning accompaniment to further coaching or courses.

Discover your meaningful path today

When you choose a self-help eBook from Meaningful Paths, you make an active decision to change. This is the start of a lifelong quest to be a better person and to live your life to the fullest.

Getting started is simple – all you have to do is purchase the eBook, download it onto a device of your choice and read it in your own time. Download the Paths of Meaning eBook today, or contact our friendly team on with any questions.

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