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Access to 18 Psychology exercises and further exercises by experts in their field from financial health to physical health for your well-being. Please see description below for further details.

Each exercise allows room for continual growth and new found learnings each time they are taken.

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Here at Meaningful paths we work with you to help you find values, meaning and open the possibilities of you finding a personal purpose. Our next step is to help you go out into the world to build your vision and as you grow, others grow alongside of you. Building Your World will require some tools.

According to Dr. Michael Ungar a social and psychological resilience researcher; if you have the following foundations in your life then theoretically you should have a good level of well-being in your life and the ability to handle stresses and the foundations to recover from traumas in your life. In essence resilience is your ability to handle and bounce back from adversity. A good level of well-being and a supportive environment will dramatically increase your ability to thrive in life and also to recover from lifes challenges much better and in a healthier manner. Positive thinking and personal development are very important but what the science is showing that it is our environments that have the biggest influence over our future outcomes.


. Positive Thinking

. Structure

. Accountability

. Love from others

. Supportive relationships

. Powerful identity

. Sense of control

. Belonging/culture

. Rights & responsibilities

. Basic needs

. Physical health

. Financial health

The Build Your World Tool Belt provides tasks for you that focus on the above concept. Every time you partake in each task you will learn something new about yourself and grow as an individual year after year. Once you have completed the tasks we recommend that you start again from the beginning and choose tasks each week. You may work on multiple tasks at once and just like any skill or with a gym routine; positive change will only happen from continuous commitment week in week out, year after year. Each task can be used for the constant evolution of real world scenarios and you will grow each time you use them. This will assist you in building up strong social relationships, deeper life meaning and personal achievements that will help build up a supportive and flourishing environment around you.

You will actually begin to build your world around you that provides well-being and resilience.

18 tasks have been developed from scientific literature with references provided and further tasks have been developed by professionals in their field.

Positive Psychology Practitioner David Chorlton has founded this platform to help spread mass positivity and well-being. Personal Trainer Kamila will share advice for physical health and Wealth Coach Indre will share advice on financial health. More information on your coaches can be found on our coaching page.

1 review for Build Your World Tool Belt

  1. Andra Dorolti

    More important than ever, this year has been very challenging for all of us and these tools have helped me improve my personal mental health, focusing more on positive relationships and creating a much happier way of life during the pandemic.

    Andra Dorolti
    Fashion blogger and YouTube contributor

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