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The Build Your World Tool Belt gives you access to several dozen emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing exercises created by experts. From financial health to physical health, the tool belt contains a wide range of exercises that will equip you with the skills needed to excel and achieve your personal goals. Learn how to build your resources for positive emotions and resilience through strong social connections, financial health, morning and bed time routines, a state of flow and much more. Each exercise can be completed online multiple times and will allow continual growth.

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Build Your Emotional Intelligence Skills

An overview of the course:

Learn how to become your ‘best self,’ with meditations, exercises, Positive Psychology Strengths, State of Flow, human connection and rapport building techniques and then build your resources via social capital and financial health so you can build your own world.

Benefits of taking the course:

  • Life long unlimited course access after purchase.
  • On going technical customer support.
  • Course can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Our Build Your World Course in four sections:

  1. Through morning and bedtime routines, meditations, workouts and exercises you will get off to the best possible start or your day and also end your day in a relaxed and compassionate manner.
  2. Using Positive Psychology exercises you will learn how to work with your authentic best self via Positive Psychology Strengths and exercises for a State of Flow.
  3. You will then learn how to create deep meaningful connections and friendships with others.
  4. You will learn how to build you resources via social capital, creating harmonious communities and also have access to task sheets to improve your financial emotional intelligence and financial health to further grow your resources.


In this course you will learn how to be at your ‘best self’ and grow your resources and literally build your own world.

A breakdown of the topics covered in the course:

  • Mp4 Video meditations.
  • Morning routines.
  • Bedtime routines.
  • Exercises and stretching.
  • Positive Psychology Strengths.
  • State of Flow.
  • Human connection exercises.
  • Resource building and social capital.
  • Financial Health task sheets.

Develop your emotional intelligence today – Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone who wishes to become their best self, become happier, healthier and build up their resources for resilience, health and for their meaningful goals.


There are no pre-existing requirements to take this course; just an open mind and a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Question and answers section:

(Q) Can this course help me improve my relationships?

(A) Although this course is not a romantic relationship course; it will teach you how to be the happiest and best version of yourself and also teaches you how to build deep human connections and friendships which in turn can improve any relationship.

1 review for Build Your World Lifestyle Masterclass

  1. Andra Dorolti

    More important than ever, this year has been very challenging for all of us and these tools have helped me improve my personal mental health, focusing more on positive relationships and creating a much happier way of life during the pandemic.

    Andra Dorolti
    Fashion blogger and YouTube contributor

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