Breaking Bad Habits Course


Clinical Hypnotherapist Gail Marra will teach you over five modules on how habits are formed, how to stop bad habits and how to form new positive habits that are good for you.

  • Habits Resources section with accompanying exercises and downloadable task sheets.
  • 5 audio modules by Gail Marra.

Benefits of taking the course:

  • Life long unlimited course access after purchase.
  • On going technical customer support.
  • Course can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile phone.

A very long detailed description of the course:

In our course Breaking bad Habits you will get access to five audio modules by Clinical Hypnotherapist Gail Marra. You will learn:

  • How and why we form habits.
  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind to overcome bad habits.
  • How to replace your bad habits with good ones…permanently.

You will learn how understand what a habit is, how a habit is formed and assess how habits that are unique to you have been formed over many months and may have lasted with you for many years. Everyone and anyone has the ability to change who they are and this starts with the desire for change and the will to change. From here we can exit old thinking habits and negative thinking traps and start to create new thinking pathways which in turn can create lasting change.

A breakdown of the topics covered in the course:

  • How are habits formed in the first place?
  • Evolution, change and control.
  • EFT Tapping.
  • Forming new healthy habits.
  • Conscious and unconscious thinking.
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques.

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone who is being held back in life by bad habits. This course is not just for people with challenging habits and it can also be used to help people transform negative thinking patterns, negative thinking traps and help the to change their thinking for newly formed positive thinking patterns to give them a foundation for success, health and well-being.


There are no pre-existing requirements to take this course; just an open mind and a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Question and answers section:

(Q) Can this course help me change my bad habits permanently?

(A) Yes! This course can help you change habits permanently as you will learn to train your mind to move away from negative thought processes and create new pathways thinking for newly formed positive habits. Having said this if for any reason you at a later date actively sought out negative behaviour or you went through a trauma or challenge in life, this in turn may result in you creating newly formed bad habits.


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