Positive Relationships

We are learning all the time about the importance of positive social bonds for our health, life expectancy and resilience from studies such as Robert Waldinger, Blue Zones, and Michael Ungar. Our Meaningful Paths Courses can help you create stronger social connections, understand your emotions better and be a happier version of yourself which in turn will help you be more magnetic and empathetic towards others.

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Positive Relationship Courses

The Build Your World Tool Belt will give you short tasks to complete that will help you connect with others more deeply no matter whether this is with a friend, family member, romantic partner or in any other scenario. The Tool Belt also gives you morning & bedtime routines, meditation videos and audios, workout videos, exercises on positive thinking, a state of flow and much more to help you become your best self. These exercises also help you to become a more resilient individual.

The Emotional Intelligence Course will help you understand much more deeply on why you feel the way that you do, how to regulate negative emotions in a healthier manner and how to master your understanding of your own emotions. Thus course also includes an interactive emotional intelligence tool belt which you can pin to your phone or work though on your tablet or computer to process any negative emotion your are going through.

Breaking Bad Habits is an audio course created by Clinical Hypnotherapist Gail Marra. This course can help you break free from negative behavioural patterns and create new healthier behaviours.


GM Profile

Gail Marra D.Hyp, MBSCH, is an accomplished Harley Street Clinical Hypnotherapist, writer, speaker and author of the best-selling book “Health Wealth & Hypnosis – The way to a beautiful life”. 
Gail is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. A warm and personable therapist, practicing a highly effective ‘solution focused’ approach to therapy, Gail works with clients around the world, from all backgrounds and of all ages, helping them overcome a variety of physical, emotional and psychological issues, to unleash their full potential and live their best lives.

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David Chorlton

“If we seek meaning and purpose as objects or answers in the world we fail. If we enter the world with curious eyes, and look to live with a better future for ourselves and others in mind, meaning will come.
-Viktor Frankl –

.David Chorlton is a Positive Psychology Practitioner (CPD Certified & Regulated), Emotional Intelligence Teacher (9* CE credits American Psychological Association & Positive Psychology Program B.V 2020), and Mindfulness Teacher.
. MSc certificates in Development Studies and Development Management (the study of developing countries).
. Founder of Meaningful Paths Ltd.
. Co-founder of Prism Potential Ltd.
.Voluntary Positive Psychology Teenage & Children’s well-being content creator at The Kindness Foundation.
.Voluntary Project Manager for the Fondazione Cariello Corbino.

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Kamila is a mind and body coach. She integrates varying cultural concepts into a framework for inner peace. Kamila is also a certified Personal Trainer, Motivational Coach and has a MSc in Psychology. Kamila also makes fun & engaging children’s courses in partnership with Meaningful Paths.

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Hulya is a Senior Specialist Speech and Language Specialist. She has treated over 1,000 children in Speech and Language Therapy. Founder of Articulate Kids, child and parent confidence builder and all round communication expert; Hulya can work with parents, children and family dynamics for their well-being.


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