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Would you like to wake up inspired each day? Would you like to find more meaning and purpose in life? Would you like to setup your own business or charity, but things are holding you back from doing so?

Following an illustrated journey featuring audio backing you will be taken on a journey to discover a ‘tool belt of learnings’ for life’s challenges and the things that are holding you back from your personal success. After each section you will be given written tasks to complete to help you complete your end goal. Please note some texts for this course have been taken from our Paths of meaning ebooks. However there are also new unique texts in this course and both our Paths of meanings ebooks include unique text themselves.


Below you will find eight storied chapters (audio will auto play but please click the play button if it does not). After each chapter you will be given an exercise to complete. After the completion of each chapter and exercise you will be taken to the following chapter and each chapter and topic must be marked complete to proceed with your personal journey.

Thank you for reading and we now invite you to enjoy Your Journey.

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