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Work From Home Wellness

Working from home can have wonderful benefits from a more relaxing working space, to more quality time with our families and pets all the way to increased flexibility in our daily lives.

With growing technologies, changes in the market place and global challenges such as COVID working from home may become more of a way of life.

Working from home can present many challenges including isolation and lack of social connection(s), lack of nature and vitamin D, increased pressures on relationships with our life partners and also balancing our work and family time during the day. This is just to name a few.

Meaningful Paths presents a wellness space with twelve exercises that will help you find meaning and purpose when working from home, a better understanding of your change in emotions, coping strategies, exercises on creating a balance in relationships and work and more.

Every time you partake in an exercise it can be adapted for varying scenarios and as you grow in life and as your lifestyle changes; each exercise can be retaken and bring new outcomes and learnings for you. In essence you can use these exercises today and ten years later and they can still bring you positive well-being and new founded learnings.

With a few simple clicks Work From Home Wellness is here for you with exercises made just for you without the need to spend many hours doing your own research – Meaningful Paths is here for you.

Thank you for your time and wishing you health and well-being.

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