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Dr Pninit Russo-Netzer suggests;

The lighthouse is essentially the organising principal in our lives. It means that our lives matter and are directed by values and a purpose.

What do you get in the Lighthouse Membership?

  1. Self-Acceptance Course.
  2. Psychology Tool Belt to assess your current feelings and why you feel this way with exercises to healthily transition through such emotions.
  3. Access to email Meaningful Paths Founder three questions each month as your guide.

How do I use the Psychology Tools and Exercises?

Any time you feel that you need to ‘pause life’ or something just does not feel ‘quite right’ then you can visit the tools in the Lighthouse and practice them for deeper understandings on how you feel and why you feel this way. You can then further explore ways to healthily work through challenges.

The Lighthouse Tools are also there to help you create a growth mind set and to help you in becoming your best self.

These Tools have been created by David Chorlton with references to scientific research and creators of the Tools that have been adapted for this Membership.

Recommended Approach

To begin with we recommend you take the short three topic course Self-Acceptance which will follow on from this introduction. This course will hopefully give you a completely new perspective on yourself as a human being and how to move forward in life in a healthier and more compassionate manner for yourself and for others. We also recommend that you retake this from time to time as a reminder.

When a life challenge occurs we recommend following the exercises in order from:

Common Thoughts

Action & Urges

Needs Check

Values Check

Build Your World (please note this is an introduction of Build Your World and is not the same as the Build Your World Membership or Tool Belt).

This way you can be taken along a process from your given situation through a detailed journey on how to come out of this situation in a healthy manner.

You may of course pick and choose exercises at your leisure.

If you are in a ‘good place’ in your life then feel free to explore the Needs Check and Values Check in addition to further growth with Build Your World and email questions to David Chorlton.

Email Coaching

David Chorlton is Positive Psychology Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Teacher and Life Coach.

You will have access to email David three questions per month and Davids email can be found within the members area under Lighthouse Introduction.

Anytime you face a challenge within the month or perhaps things are going very well in your life and you want to pursue further growth then please email David with a question or thought.

Please email David your three questions any time within the calendar month. Please also include your Lighthouse Membership purchase reference within the email sent to David. This is to ensure that people outside of the Lighthouse Membership do not email David for free advice which would be unfair on the paying Lighthouse Members.


  1. Who can I contact if I have any technical issues within the members area? (A) Please email us at;
  2. Can I cancel my membership anytime? (A) Simply send us an email with your request for cancellation with your membership / customer reference to and we will cancel the membership for you with no questions asked.
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