Joyful Living – Be Kind – Make a Difference

Learn more on how Meaningful Paths is helping communities across the world.

Joyful Living – Be Kind – Make a Difference.

Meaningful Paths Charity Action Guide

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Lee Simms – Charity Action Guide

Experiencing Love

Meaningful Paths Community

Connect to Meaningful Community projects across the world and find meaning through helping others.

Meaningful Paths Charity Work

The 3 Steps

1. Meaningful Paths: Donations

> Meaningful Paths makes financial donations to international community projects through our International Charity Partner the Fondazione Cariello Corbino. You can learn more about our earlier projects here – Meaningful Paths Giving – Meaningful Paths

> Learn more about such projects in detail here:

* Parwaz –

* Supporting Idjiwi Island – Supporting the people of Idjwi Island (

2. Meaningful Paths: Educational Material

> Meaningful Paths works in partnership with Mahima Poddar to share our fun health and wellness material with The Kindness Foundation.

> Blog articles coming soon.

3. Meaningful Paths: Volunteers

Match your skill sets and strengths to volunteering opportunities.

If you have any questions about our charity work, partnerships and how to get involved, please email us

Joyful Living – Be Kind – Make a Difference

How to make a difference to the lives of others through joyful living and our global volunteer network. Be part of something special at Meaningful Paths by matching your skill sets and strengths to worthy projects as part of our global volunteer network.

Looking for opportunities to ‘Volunteer Near Me’ – We can help connect you to ‘volunteer opportunities near me’ and also volunteer opportunities across the globe.

If you are looking for opportunities to ‘volunteer near me’, Meaningful Paths can help. We partner with global charities and projects and we can help you match your skill sets and strengths to worthy causes, whether they are in your local area or across the world. Work hard and be nice to people and find purposeful living. Email us – and let us know what you are looking for.

Online Volunteering UK and across the globe

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