In life we believe that the greatest sense of happiness will come from creating positive human connection and the selfless act of helping another human being. Below you will find details on community projects around the world that are in great need of help.

You can click on the below links to help contribute to these projects; or you can email us on if you would like to become more involved. All projects outside of the United Kingdom are partnered with our International Charity partner.

Please note this is a completely free service and Meaningful Paths makes no commission from connections for the below charitable causes. Meaningful Paths has a vision to help you find your purpose and to connect you to meaningful projects and to also create a strong volunteer group for worthy causes.
David Chorlton, Meaningful Paths Founder

Our International Charity Partner

How can you get involved?

January 1, 2019


You can make a kind donation or fundraise for a project.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Zoom Calls with Community Leaders

You can sign up to our email newsletter and learn more about connecting to community leaders via zoom to learn about community development.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Volunteer your skills

Volunteer your skill set no matter your background or profession.
For example:
If you are a graphic designer you can volunteer to create design work to help raise awareness for a project.
If have IT skills you may volunteer to help with online elements of a project.
If you have a passion for teaching you may assist a project on an education program.

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Become a project lead

In time and with growing relationships amongst our voluntary community project managers, you may use your skills and eventually take the lead on elements of a project.

January 1, 2019


Peru; the intense impact of Coronavirus

Help Miguel help a community in one of the areas of the world worst affected by Coronavirus. Our friend, charity partner and outstanding photojournalist Miguel has worked with a community in Peru who are in desperate need of support. See below Miguel’s introduction to the urgent immediate needs of the community, as well as a link to why Peru is so affected. Also there is a link outlining Miguel’s precious work with this community.

How Can You Help?
If you would like to support this community via our International Charity partner please contact us. You can simply donate, you can connect with a specific family and support the building of their sustainable and environmentally friendly housing or you can explore a project management role in supporting this community.

Idjwi Island; sustainable development

The beautiful island of Idjwi in Lake Kivu could be a paradise. But it is not.
It has one of the lowest life expectancies in the world – 25 years according to Amani Global Works and Mulago Foundation. Infant, child and maternal mortality rates are alarmingly high. Malaria and malnutrition are among the biggest causes of death on the island, and extreme protein deficiency (Kwashiorkor) is very high among children and pregnant women, causing severe health problems. (Harvard-led study in 2011)

How Can You Help?
As a first step please have a look at our Idjwi Community website, here you will be able to get a good understanding of the variety of projects we are actively working on. We are focused on food security, economic empowerment and environmental impact on the island and these areas are addressed and supported in various ways in the different projects. You can get involved by donating and connecting to the community, using your time and skills to spread the word about this forgotten island or take some leadership with supporting the management and development of certain new projects
Please email us to get involved.

Pakistan; a sustainable end to Child Labour

Mughlabad, it is a small slum area in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. This region is very impoverished and has known drug problems which makes the children highly vulnerable to child labor and abuse.
Child labour has been one of the most challenging issues in Pakistan. Child labour is not only hard and physically daunting but anything that aims to keep children out of school can be considered child labour in Pakistan according to the Punjab Compulsory Education Act 1994.
Roughly 10-15 percent of the work force in Pakistan is based on Children. These children work in factories, road side restaurants, in homes and hazardous industries. The main reason why these children are forced into labour is because of families and the pressure to keep them fed. An average joint family has about 9-12 family members. According to estimates from the Asian Development bank there is about 24% population living below the poverty line in Pakistan. Both these factors join in to make the child work from an early age, the children work as early as 4-5 years old. Moreover business owners present the harsh reality that this labour is cheap and such owners do not complain much against the working conditions. Such a ‘business model’ is regularly replicated. The Children are placed in these often violent conditions where they are vulnerable to abuse and are targeted.
The laws are present but are ignored, such as the Compulsory Education Act, more over the Factories Act 1934 section 50, prohibits any the employment of any child under the age of 14. The implementation of these laws is questionable. Some children are found to be working at roadside restaurants as waiters, cleaners and dishwashers, these small businesses save money by hiring these children who are directed by their families to work and earn for the household. Many of the Children work as debt slaves in industries where, the parents take loans against the child’s name and the factory owner becomes the ‘owner’ of the child; with this being most common in factories and industries. Some work as help in the homes of people, where the boys do the ‘odd jobs’ and girls either do the household work or are taken as caretakers of the newborn in the home. These children are subjected to emotional, mental and physical abuse by their bosses as there is no one to question them.

How Can You Help?
COMING SOON – Bringing children away from labour and safely into education.
Please email us to get involved.

Uganda; Women & Children with Albinism

Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda (WACWAU) is an NGO serving the needs of the most vulnerable in their community. Across Africa, people with Albinism experience human rights violations and abuses. Their economic, political, social & cultural rights are often compromised in devastating ways. Societal ignorance about Albinism has contributed to exclusion, stigmatization and the denial of basic rights such as education and health. A broad misunderstanding has also endangered their lives.

How Can You Help?
If you would like to help you can become a soap patron and help contribute and grow Mama Mzungu; a sustainable NGO.

Children’s Health

Skip unhealthy food and drink and instead donate that value to the health and well-being of children in Pakistan, the Congo, Uganda and other global communities in need. At times funding goes towards the immediate need of nutrition whilst our partnered charities work on longer term sustainable community measures; and at times Skip It funding goes towards more sustainable community measures such as the establishment of health care infrastructure.

How Can You Help?
We are looking for help to create Skip It well-being plans for organizations and corporates. We are also seeking a voluntary marketing assistant. Please email us to get involved.

The Buddy Bag Foundation United Kingdom

Buddy Bags for Children in Emergency Care.
We have created the Buddy Bag Foundation in response to the rising number of children who enter emergency care after fleeing violent situations at home. Restoring a sense of safety and security into a child’s life during a traumatic time is one of the first steps to recovery. By providing these children with a few essential items, we can help make the transition into emergency care a little easier.
To support children in this situation we have created the Buddy Bag to provide comfort when all else has been removed.

How can you help?
We are looking for Community Groups and Companies to make a difference this Christmas by giving a child a Buddy Bag.
Join our BBF Challenge Box –

The Buddy Bag Foundation

Photos from our Community Projects

If you would like to become more involved with our team of volunteers and volunteer your skills then please email us at with reference to ‘community projects’ and tell us a little bit about yourself. One of our project managers below will be in touch with you.

Dr. Helen Pope: Has a Ph.D. in Latin from Monash University, Melbourne. Her love of Classics led her to make her home in Italy, where she has lived since 1981, teaching Classics at both University and High School levels. She began her volunteer work in 2001 in the Middle East, and co-directed an International Work Camp in Aida Refugee Camp in the West Bank every summer for 12 years. She first volunteered in Rwanda in 2009 at a preschool, and made a chance visit across to the border to Goma where she met Kizungu Hubert, and visited his orphanage. She determined from that first meeting to find ways to help Kizungu in his efforts to improve the lives of the orphaned children and vulnerable communities in his area. She has visited both Rwanda and DRC every year since 2009, and has taken high school students to work at a local school in Rwanda for 2 weeks every summer in a volunteer programme that she and a Rwandan friend set up. She has visited the Tchukudu Family in Goma every year, witnessed the wonderful progress made, and fallen in love with Idjwi Island and its people. Helen has also taken students to volunteer at 2 orphanages in Megalaya in India, and she has worked as a volunteer with refugees in Jordan, Lesbos and northern Greece.
Lee simms 1
Lee Simms: It is an honour to represent and support Alberto and his Foundation in the U.K. Having visited the Eastern DRC twice, most recently in March 2017 with Alberto, I have become very passionate and determined in helping the Foundation secure a brighter future for Passy and the children. I am also very keen to make sure more people in the U.K. are aware and informed of the ongoing atrocities in the Eastern DRC and to provide them with opportunities to make a difference. I currently work for a Pharmaceutical company and have many years experience in the Healthcare field, including running my own business. I am focussed on using my experience and my networks to both raise funds for the Foundation, as well as support with the Business Planning and organisational side of the projects.
Alberto Corbino: The CV writes freelance professor, I like to say that “I take my world around and I make it available to others”.
I currently teach “Food studies: culture, globalization, sustainability” at Arcadia University – The College of Global Studies (Rome) and I have a supplementary teaching contract in “Geography of World Economics” at the Department of Political Sciences of Federico II University of Naples. Since February 2017 I have been President of the Cariello Corbino Foundation, a charity I co-founded and named after my mother: it supports projects for minors in DR Congo, Uganda, Mali, Pakistan and Naples. Since April 2015 I have been president of UCMed – The Mediterranean Institute of Food Culture, a research and training center on food, in Sorrento. I am also the President of the Vagabondo – Responsible Tourism Association in Southern Italy, the  the first in Italy to address the theme of incoming RT in Italy.
Albinism 3
Monica Norley: Experienced International Development Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the international trade and development industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Business Planning, Cross-functional Collaborations, Technical Assistance, and Management. Strong community and social services professional with a Bachelor’s degree focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Eastern Washington University.
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