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Abdominal Workout With Sofiia


Hello, I’m Sofiia, a dedicated yoga teacher with over 5 years of experience on the mat. My journey in yoga began as a personal quest for self-acceptance, stress relief, and a reconnection with myself amidst the chaos of modern life. My passion lies in guiding others towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Through my extensive experience, I specialize in various yoga disciplines, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and YinYang yoga. I believe that yoga is a transformative tool, not just for physical fitness, but for mental well-being as well. As a practitioner who has personally navigated the challenges of stress, anxiety, and the quest for self-acceptance, I am deeply committed to helping others find their own path to inner peace and a happier, more fulfilled life. Through breathwork meditation and mindful yoga practices, I aim to empower individuals to manage stress, overcome depression, and find solace within themselves. My journey has taught me that the truest happiness comes from within, and I’m here to share this wisdom with you. Join me on the mat to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, and let’s walk the path to wellness and happiness together.

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