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There are a vast range of wellness apps available and in particular for health and fitness. With growing acknowledgment on the importance of mental health and also recognising holistic well-being, many more apps have emerged over recent years. Are there also apps available for the health and wellness of parents, teachers, health care professionals and others who are seeking support?

We hope you enjoy our list below of varying apps that we feel would strongly benefit you. Take the time to find the best resource for you.

Best Mental Health Apps

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What are the best mental health apps and happiness apps available on the market?

  • Meaningful Paths shares free resources and groups for your health and well-being. The app is free to download and there are a range of memberships for your needs. Within the membership you get access to direct message a guide and coach about the resources within the app and access to psychology tool-belts and modules. Although the app uses varied principles on health and happiness, it uses a foundational element of Positive Psychology in many ways it is a Positive Psychology App in its own right. The app is a best friend in your pocket and offers groups, exercises and the option to message a coach at times of need. Meaningful Paths practitioners ranging from Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Coaches have Masterclass courses for in app purchase but also free resources on the app and platform.
  • Headspace offers guided meditations for stress relief and guided meditations for a better quality of sleep. In just a few minutes per day you can find a place of calm. They also offer exercises and inspiring stories to help you throughout the day.
  • Happify shares science-based games and activities to help you overcome negative thoughts. They use cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology exercises within the app.

Helpful Apps for Male Depression

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What health apps can help men going through challenges in life, depression and/or anxiety?

  • Meaningful Paths shares free resources and health groups to help you find hope, health and well-being. You can also trial a membership which allows you to message a guide and coach about psychology resources directly within the app and you will also get access to psychology tool-belts to help you process your emotions in a healthy manner. Psychiatrist and Coach Pierre Azzam, MD, focuses much of his work on helping men through challenging times.
  • WellMind is a free NHS app that gives you exercises to help you with depression, anxiety, stress and mental health knowledge. They help you to understand how you feel today and then offer exercises for you to choose from to help you. In addition they teach you about topics such as – ‘what is stress?’
  • ACT Coach (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) focuses on helping you to learn to live with negative thoughts and how to form positive relationships with them in a healthy manner. Through metaphors and games they help you understand your emotions and work through such challenges.

Best Wellness & Health Apps

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How do I choose which health and wellness app is best for me?

  • Meaningful Paths is a free download and you can join groups ranging from nutrition to brain health and much more. There are free resources ranging from meditation, breath work, psychology and more. You can join varying memberships which give you access to speak to a guide and coach about health resources and have access to psychology tool-belts and exercises. Further in app purchases are available from our expert practitioners with topics on psychology, teenage health, entrepreneurship, financial health, emotional intelligence and much more.
  • Noom uses psychology to help individuals lose weight through help on emotional eating and mood triggers. There are progress trackers and also the option to connect with a personal coach.

Best apps for Family Wellness

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What are the best family wellness apps? What are the best apps for parents? What are the best apps for mums and the best apps for dads?

  • Meaningful Paths is a free download and you can join groups on family health to meet like minded people and learn hints and tips from health professionals from certain Meaningful Paths practitioners. You can also join a membership where you have access to direct message a guide and coach about the best health and family resources within the app and also have access to psychology tool-belts and modules relating to family health and wellness.
  • Evernote is a great way to organise your busy family day and keep tabs of everything you need to do. You can upload everything an anything to this app to organise your hectic schedule all in one place. Clip web pages, make notes, scan in written notes and much more.
  • Kitche helps you keep tabs of your food shopping and allows you to scan your shopping receipts and helps you with fun recipes and more. It can help you keep track of what shopping you have at home when you are out.

Best apps for Teachers

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What are the best heath apps for teachers? Where can teachers reach out to when they feel stressed and anxious over their work?

  • Meaningful Paths offers free groups for teachers to connect and learn from health professionals who share tips for your overall well-being. There is also a membership for teachers which offers the option to direct message a guide and coach within the app for the best in app resources for your needs and psychology tool-belts created for teachers well-being. Dr. Sherry Skyler Kelly focusses much of her work on teenage health and understands the challenges that teaching professionals face, in particular around teenage mental health.
  • Family Wall is a central planner which helps you and your family find free time for one another. Parents and children and have their schedules in sync so that you can easily see when you all have free time to spend together.
  • Colorfly is an app version of an adults colouring book. The app is free and includes over 1,000 illustrations and options for you to work with. This is a great way to de-stress and relax yourself during a challenging day of teaching.

Best apps for Care Workers and Health Care Professionals

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What are the best health apps for care workers? What are the best apps for health care professionals? Where can health care professionals turn to when they need help from stress and anxiety?

  • Meaningful Paths is a free download and you can join groups for health care professionals to meet like minded individuals and to get tips and advice from experts from certain Meaningful Paths practitioners. There is the option to upgrade to a membership where you can direct message a guide and coach about the best in app resources for your needs and also have access to psychology tool-belts and modules that can help health care professionals with job stress and overall wellness.
  • Sleep Cycle helps you monitor your sleep. It helps you fall asleep naturally with calming music and meditations. Sleep Cycle very smartly wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleeping phase for a more natural awakening.

Best Coaching apps

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What are the best coaching apps to help me with my personal development?

  • Meaningful Paths offers a free download and you can select varying groups that resonate with you ranging from brain health all the way to family health and much more. You can join one of many membership options to speak to a coach and guide via direct in app messaging about the best resources in app for your health, wellness and goals. You will also get access to psychology exercises and can make further in app purchases for Masterclasses by world leading experts in health and wellness. Topics range from financial health, resilience, entrepreneurship all the way to raising resilient kids in challenging times and much more.
  • Mindvalley offers access to experts in the field of optimal performance, relationships, mindset and much more. They share quests to help you with daily and weekly manageable tasks and fun community engagement. Meaningful paths offers psychology tool-belts and the option to message a coach in app and also the option to purchase Masterclasses by experts. Mindvalley courses are longer than the Meaningful Paths micro-learnings and the cost of Mindvalley warrants that difference.

Best apps for Patient Health Care

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What are the best medical apps that can make health care easier? What apps can help hospital patients and patients suffering with chronic disease?

  • Meaningful Paths has a membership which features psychology tool-belts to help support patients with mental health, stress, anxiety, anger, hope and optimism. This membership offers a free one month trial. There is also a group for patients to talk to one another and tips from psychologists within the group.
  • Dminder App calculates the best time for you to get Vitamin D through letting you know the best time to get the sun based in your location. This app is a free download with premium options.
  • My Fitness Pal is an all in one tracker app to help you with sleep, food logs, mindfulness and more. Premium options are also available.

Best apps for Charity

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What are the best charity apps? What are the best giving apps?

  • Meaningful Paths connects you to community groups where you can converse with the founders and volunteers of charities and global community projects. Such projects range from sustainable communities in the DR Congo, Social Enterprise to help Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda all the way to children’s education in India and child labor alleviation in Pakistan. You can organically overtime volunteer your time and skill sets to help project leaders and founders. This goes much deeper than a kind donation; you can create your own meaningful path by using your strengths and skill sets to help others across the world, working safely alongside project leaders and registered charities. Some of the charity partners include – Fondazione Cariello Corbino | progetti di cooperazione, solidarietà, sviluppo e diritti umani – and also the – Nonprofit Organization | The Kindness Foundation | India.
  • Easyfundraising work in partnership with top UK retailers where you can donate as you shop with over 6,000 retailers.
  • ShareTheMeal is from the United Nations World Food programme which allows you to donate US$ 0.80 (or more) at the tap of a button to help a hungry child.
  • Give Tide allows you to round up spare change from purchases and donate that extra change to a charity pof your choice within the USA. Give Tide is free for the donor and all donations are tax deductible.

Concluding thoughts

There are a vast range of health apps available for your well-being. Why not try out the apps that are free to download and the apps that have free or minimal cost trials for a month?

Meaningful Paths has been created to help you find meaning and purpose in your life as a foundation. Building on this it offers a vast range of support and tools to help you for your health and well-being and also the health and well-being of your family and communities. Meaningful Paths is a Positive Psychology App, a Health Care App, a Giving App and so much more.

Meet some of the practitioners behind Meaningful Paths.

  • Free download and free resources for your well-being.
  • Join groups ranging from brain health, family health, groups for health care professionals all the way to groups to support teachers.
  • Join Charity groups and volunteer your skills and time.
  • Trial a membership for one month for free.
  • Access to psychology tool-belts created by experts and to direct message a guide and coach about in app resources within the app via one of several membership options.
  • Access to Masterclasses on health, well-being, entrepreneurship and much more through in app purchases.

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